Advancing Racial Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace Symposium

We have a maximum capacity of 1000 people in our live sessions. If you attempt to join and the session is full. Please click here to join us on Youtube. Our moderators are monitoring the live chat on YouTube and will pass your questions to speakers and panelist. Thank you for joining us in our Virtual Symposium. 

Intended Participants

While the symposium is free and open to the public we do want to be clear that the intended audience is folks who have been already centering equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in the professional work that they do and are wanting to learn from folks that are also equally committed and engaged in the work. We recognize that folks and organizations will be at different places on their EDI journey but we are expecting that those who attend the symposium will have already begun and will be walking into the conversation with a foundational understanding of what a racial equity framework is and why it matters in the work that they do. 

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